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Diwali has been celebrated as a festival of light in India since ancient times. Therefore, lighting a Diya is a major part of the festival. Although many festivals are celebrated in India, Diwali is unique. Some even call this festival Diali or Deepavali. Diwali is considered to be a festival of light for the entire Hindu society. From ancient times people have been celebrating Diwali in India. 

This tradition is that on this particular day of the year, people lit lights, candles, lamps for the destruction of the dark beasts, which we call ‘Diwali’. Worship of Makali is also performed on this day. 

Happy Dewali Wish
Happy Dewali.

Diwali Mythology Background: 

At the root of Diwali celebrations, there are some of the myths that have caught our attention. The Diwali festival is closely associated with the return of Lord Ramchandra to Ayodhya after 14 years. Ramchandra returned to Ayodhya after the death of Lankeshwar Ravana on the holy Vijaya Dashmi. The anointing ceremony was held on his royal throne in Ayodhya on the day of the Karthik new moon. To celebrate the festival, the people of Ayodhya warmly greeted Ram by lighting a lamp with the intention of removing the darkness, so this mythological background of Diwali cannot be denied.

Similarly, on this auspicious day, Krishna killed Narkisur and spread joy in the minds of the gods. As a result, the burden of the earth was exalted. The devotees rescued sixteen thousand captives and sent them to Dwarkapur. On the same day, the locals lit a fire on Kauriya's stick and congratulated him.

Lakshmi Puja is one of the attractions of Diwali. In the past, Mother Lakshmi was imprisoned by the Asura king Bali. He was freed by Lord Vishnu in Bamana avatar during the holy month of Kartik. Lakshmi's liberation day was celebrated by the people by lightening the diyas. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Diwali festival has been celebrated in Hindu society ever since. 

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Celebration on Dewali

On this day people pay tributes to their ancestors. Shoot fireworks in the evening time. Light Candles and diyas.

Diwali has a social appeal. People believe that when the lamp is lit at this time of the month, the poisonous insects and worms die by burning in the lamp. This results in the destruction of toxin insects from society. Some believe Diwali is a nightmare, The Hindu society is saved from the night by illuminating lights.

Diwali is celebrated after the kharif harvest. At the same time, farmers are happy to bring crops from their fields to their homes.  They feel happy to bring  Maa Lakshmi home and to reflect the joy they celebrate Diwali.

During the festivities

On the night of Diwali, various temples and houses are adorned with light garlands. Each house is lit by candles, candles, and various electric lights. The blazing lights and colorful lights make the festival festive.

Lighting is performed at the base of each house for the ancestors. All the members of the family come together to light the lamp for the ancestors, as well as to light the fire in Kauriya and show it to the ancestors. At home, children spend a lot of time playing with crackers. On that day Pilgrims from different places come to pay their respects to many temples. Various fruit offerings are offered to gods. Traders' new accounts are created on the same day. Most of the Marwari people worship Lakshmi Puja by making a new billing copy and asking consumers to close and pay if they have any old debt.


The national holiday Diwali is a messenger of Indian cultural life. In a religious state like Odisha, its importance is unforgettable. Kali Puja has a close relationship with Diwali. Just as the importance of Kali Puja in India is significant, the significance of Diwali in the context of Odisha is also indisputable. Individuals also face problems with the way children are interested in fireworks. It is always wise to take precautions. It is hoped that the festival will be held in honor of Diwali without the use of high-cost fireworks thinking about the environment.

Wishing everyone a safe and rightful Dewali.

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