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Odia Fonts collection.

Odia Fonts (ଓଡିଆ ଫୋଣ୍ଟ) or Oriya Fonts are used to type in Odia language. Here is a collection of all available Odia fonts online. The list contains both free and paid fonts. The most famous Odia fonts are Jagannatha, Suparna, Nilachala, Savita, Subhadra, Banita, Shuchi, Baloo Bhaina, Noto Sans Odia. Samaleswari etc. These fonts are in TTF (.ttf) format which can be easily installed in Windows and Android to see the text in the Odia language.

Odia font 2023

Odia Unicode Fonts

Odia Unicode calligraphy fonts are special fonts that make the written Odia language look beautiful and artistic. Below we have summed up all Odia Fonts that are Publicly available, but some may require attribution. So before using these fonts please make sure you follow the terms and conditions to use it. These Odia fonts are Unicode supported and can be written in the Odia language. 

You can use these Odia Unicode calligraphy fonts to make digital content, like posters, invitations, and artwork to look more attractive. These are especially popular among graphic designers and artists who want to add a touch of elegance to their work.

Google Odia Fonts

These Odia Fonts are available in Google Fonts. You can download the ttf / otf or zip file from Google Fonts and use it on a computer or mobile. These odia fonts can also be used as web fonts.

Anek Odia

"Anek" is an amazing Odia font created by Ek Type. It is a versatile font that offers multiple scripts, weights, and widths designed by various designers. This font reflects a thoughtful and refreshing interpretation of India's letter traditions. It is a flexible font family that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Anek Odia Font Download

Noto Sans Oriya Font

Noto is a global font collection for writing in all modern and ancient languages. Noto Sans Oriya is an unmodulated (“sans serif”) design for texts in the Indic Odia (Oriya) script. Noto Sans Oriya contains 513 glyphs, 19 OpenType features, and supports 150 characters from 3 Unicode blocks: Oriya, Basic Latin, and General Punctuation.

Baloo Bhaina 2 Odia Font

Baloo is an affable display typeface by Ek Type. Available in nine Indian scripts plus Arabic along with a Latin counterpart, the family is Unicode compliant and libre licensed. Baloo Bhaina 2 is an Odia font designed by Yesha Goshar, Manish Minz, and Shuchita Grover.

Noto Serif Oriya

Noto is a global font collection for writing in all modern and ancient languages. Noto Serif Oriya is a modulated (“serif”) design for texts in the Indic Odia (Oriya) script. It has multiple weights and 690 glyphs.

Alkatra odia Font

Designed by Suman Bhandary, Alkatra is a modern Odia font. This typeface family includes Bangla, Devanagari, Odia, and Latin scripts. It is designed specifically for display purposes.

Odia Fonts from indiatyping.com:

1. Salara Odia Font - link
2. Akshar Odia Font - link
3. Raavi Odia Font - link
4. Raavi Odia Font (Bold) - link

Odia Fonts from indiantypefoundry:

You can buy these 2 beautiful Odia fonts Akhand Odia and Ashoka Odia from indiantypefoundry.

1. Akhand Odia Font
Akhand Odia Font
This Odia font family has 8 fonts and currently, the price is 26000 on indiantypefoundry. You can buy and get this from here: Akhand Odia Font

2. Ashoka Odia Font
ashoka odia font
Ashoka Odia font family has 5 fonts and currently, the price is 17000. You can buy and get Ashok Odia font from here. Ashoka Odia Font

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