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Download Manabasa laxmi purana book in pdf format. Odia Laxmi puja book free download.

Manabasa Laxmi Puja

Manabasa Laxmi Puja is a significant and auspicious festival celebrated mainly in the Indian state of Odisha. It honors Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. This festival is observed during the Odia month of Margashirsha and is particularly significant for married women who perform elaborate rituals, including creating intricate rice flour designs called 'jhoti chita' on the floors of their homes. Each Thursday of Maargasira month called Manabasa gurubara. The last Thursday of this month is most important for Maa Laxmi puja.

Laxmi Puja odia pdf

Laxmi Purana Odia Book

The "Laxmi Purana" is a revered religious text in Odia literature written in 15th century by Balarama Dasa. It's a popular Odia scripture that narrates the story of the bond between Lord Jagannath and Goddess Laxmi, along with the significance of the Manabasa Gurubara (Manabasa Laxmi Puja) in poem. It emphasizes the values of devotion, righteousness, and the rewards of performing dedicated prayers to the Goddess of Wealth. The "Laxmi Purana" is treasured among Odia-speaking communities for its spiritual teachings and cultural significance.

The Laxmi puja odia book lyrics start with the rhymes "ନମସ୍ତେ କମଳା ମାଗୋ ସାଗର ଦୁଲ୍ଲଣୀ ।
ନମସ୍ତେ ନମସ୍ତେ ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ବିଷ୍ଣୁଙ୍କ ଘରଣୀ ।". (Namaste Kamala maa go Sagara Dulani, Namaste Namaste Laxmi Bishnunka gharani) 

Laxmi Purana Odia book Pdf Download

Manabasa Laxmi Puja book (Laxmi Purana) is available to download in pdf format. Download Laxmi Purana Odia PDF in the link below. Laxmi puja odia bahi download.

Laxmi Puja Photos, Greetings to share

Here are few Laxmi puja images in Odia that can be shared on the occasion of Manabasa Gurubara. Bro use through these Laxmi puja odia photos and download it.

Maa Laxmi puja odia


In conclusion, Manabasa Laxmi Puja stands as a cherished festival, deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of Odisha. It symbolizes the veneration of Goddess Lakshmi and the pursuit of prosperity, wealth, and spiritual abundance. This auspicious occasion brings communities together, fostering familial harmony, devotion, and the sharing of blessings. Through the intricate rituals, prayers, and offerings made during this festival, devotees seek the divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi, inviting positivity, prosperity, and well-being into their lives. Manabasa Laxmi Puja is not just a religious observance but also a celebration of traditions, values, and the spirit of togetherness, marking it as a time of joyous festivity and spiritual significance for the people of Odisha.

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