5 Best Sambalpuri Movies of All Time Everyone Should Watch

5 best sambalpuri movies of all time. All time best sambalpuri flims including sala budha.

Ever since the first Sambalpuri movie 'Bhukha' was made in 1989, Sambalpuri movies beautifully touched peoples' hearts. From then, about 20 movies were created in the Sambalpuri language in the genre of comedy, devotion, inspiration, and local culture.

Let’s look at 5 must-watch Sambalpuri films that everyone should watch at least once in their life.

1. Sala Budha : The stupid old man (2013)

Sala Budha Sambalpuri Movie

The story revolves around an old man's life in a small village in India during British rule under a monarch. Sometimes the selflessness and honesty of this man brings himself in trouble but without worrying about his own fate how he manages to care about others, beautifully captured in the movie Sala Budha. The black and white movie will take you back to the village life of the mid 19th century and let you enjoy the unique culture, tradition, and folk arts of western Odisha.

Sala Budha won many awards such as the Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Director Award in the 25th Odisha State Film Awards. A truly entertaining must-watch movie starring Atal Bihari Panda and director Sabyasachi Mohapatra.

2. Adim Vichar (2014)

Adim Vichar Sambalpuri Movie
(A still from Adim Vichar)

Another blockbuster movie from the director Sabyasachi Mohapatra, also starring Atal Bihari Panda and Sushree Smita Panda in the lead role. Adim Vichar won the 62nd National Film Award in 2015 for Best Feature Film in Odia.

The main character Sukru Majhi is an old man who lives happily with his family in a tribal village. An ayurvedic practitioner of that village provokes Sukru's eldest son to file a complaint against his father to get his property. Living a simple life and away from the modern world's laws and rules, the whole village gets scared when Sukru gets a summon from the court.
In the end, the case solves honoring the decision of the old man to stay with his elder son and to give his property to his legitimate sons. The profound thoughts of the old man reflect the epitome of ancient Indian culture.

The movie Adim Vichar contains the hit tracks "Jal Jhara Jhara" and "Likri Jhikri" sung by Sarbeswar Bhoi.

3. Raj Jotak

Raj jotak sambalpuri movie
(A still from Raj Jotak)

Raj Jotak is a sambalpuri comedy movie based on the journey of two hearts towards marriage. Babla and Phula fall in love with each other in their college but they can't express it. Their families don't accept love marriage and search for partners for Babla and Phula for an arranged marriage. They end up fixing the marriage of Balba with Phula in their old traditional method.

4. Bhukha (1989)

The first-ever sambalpuri movie was released in 1989 and the first-ever movie to get an International Jury Award in Odia Cinema. The movie is based on the play 'Bhukha' by Mangulu Charan Biswal.
This movie portrays the difficult situation of a tribe of Odisha who were traditionally drummers by profession and their lives depend upon traditional music and the negative impact of cultural dominance.
It's a heartwarming and entertaining movie. The movie includes the famous sambalpuri song "Phatai Khaili Bela Kukila Re..".

5. Alar: The Orphan (2013)

Alar the orphan sambalpuri movie
(A still from Alar: The orphan)

Alar is the first sambalpuri movie made for commercial purposes. The songs are too good and the music in this film is given by Sritam Luha. This is an entertaining drama movie, the main character is an orphan boy and the story is based on him.

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These were the five best movies that we chose to be on our list. Tell us what's your favorite or if we missed any other movie that should be here. Please let us know by dropping a comment below.
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