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Get your beautifully designed name in sambalpuri style. Download these Sambalpuri designs to make profile pictures and DPs of your name.

Simply download the Pixellab project (plp file) on your mobile and you'll be able to create a stylish sambalpuri name for your name that you can use for your FB, Instagram, Whatsapp other social media handle profile pic. Using this project, you can design as many names as you want and use them on many different platforms. Get an eye-catching profile picture by adding sambalpuri design DP in your profile.

Sambalpuri DP became famous in the last few years and many people are using it and now it spread to Instagram, Facebook, and beyond. You can make your profile stand out in the crowd if you use a fancy designed image in your display picture which may help you improve the amount of attention that your profile gets.

Hope you have fun with these Sambalpuri name designs! Remember that you can download one free design and use it. You can also buy the paid designs for the more stylish and attractive-looking profile picture. Enjoy!

How to open a Pixellab project?

To use these designs you need Pixellab app on your phone.

step 1. Download the project file (plp file).
step 2. Open the Pixellab app and click on my projects on the bottom left.
step 3. Now click on .plp symbol on top and select the downloaded plp file.
step 4. Now click on OPEN and ADD to add it to your projects.
step 5. You can now change the name by double-clicking on it.

You can watch this guide video if you are facing any problems.

Download Projects:

>> Click here  to edit your name without downloading. <<

01 : Sambalpuri Name Design 01 || FREE

02 : Sambalpuri Name Design 02 || ₹35

03 : Sambalpuri Name Design 03 || ₹35

04 : Sambalpuri Name Design 04 || ₹40

05 : Sambalpuri Place Design 01 iLove || ₹26

06 : Sambalpuri Name Design 06 || ₹40

07 : Sambalpuri Name Design 07 || ₹50

08 : Sambalpuri Name Design 08 || ₹35

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