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Download Sambalpuri Border and sapta pack Sambalpuri Sapta and saptapar png file download.

Download Sambalpuri Border

As we know, nowadays Sambalpuri digital designs are getting popular and getting used in many posters, banners, social media covers, and DPs. Moreover, it is not only limited to those, day by day we are seeing these Sambalpuri patterns in many places.

The basic of these sambalpuri patterns begins with the square design called Sapta or Saptapar. The design looked beautiful when we have the sambalpuri border surrounded.

Today here we are sharing the essential borders and sapta required to begin with your beautiful design. These designs are of HD quality and can be used in any image editing software irrespective of mobile or computer to add this to your design.

Get 8 beautiful sambalpuri borders from the link below.

[New Pack] Sambalpuri Border Pack 2

Get the all essential Sapta pack from the below link. It contains the png file of all basic sambalpuri designs.  The color available is of red and blue which used frequently while designing the sambalpuri digital art.
Sambalpuri border and sapta

Sambalpuri sapta transparent png image is available here.

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