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Mamu Ghar Sambalpur movie by Jogesh Jojo.

Another Sambalpuri movie is coming soon with the title Mamu Ghar Sambalpur. This movie is going to hit theaters this year. After a long time, a sambalpuri movie is going to be in released cinema halls and fans are too excited about it. Finally, we will be able to see a Jogesh Jojo Movie in the theater. So let's know more about this movie and wait for a few months to watch it.

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First thing first, this movie is going to be directed and screenplay by no other than Jogesh Jojo. As Jogesh Jojo is there, we can obviously know that there will be lots of comedy and we are going to laugh out loud but there will be also a beautiful love story in this movie. There will be some beautiful songs on it.

Mamughar Sambalpur Muhurat

Mamughar Sambalpur is the first movie of J5 Cine production. This movie is produced by Sibani Pradhan. Jogesh Jojo will be the lead actor, Kedar Patel,Nirmal Singh,Fanidra Panda,Rupdhar,Budha, Chand will also be seen in the movie. Music Directed by Subodh Maharana.  Shooting for this movie is going on and Muhurat was done on 14th April,2022. Along with the cast,guest Pramod Mahapatra,Bharat Gourav, Monoj Singh was also there in the time of Muhurat.

This movie is set to be released on Sital Sasthi 6th June, 2022.

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