Rani Guri - New Sambalpuri Song by Mantu Chhuria & Aseema Panda

Rani Guri - New Sambalpuri Song by Mantu Chhuria & Aseema Panda.

Rani Guri is a new sambalpuri song by Mantu Chhuria and Aseema Panda released in the year 2021. This song is produced by Ramprashad Chhuria and released on the official youtube channel of Mantu Chhuria under Mor Maa Samlei Production. The lyrics of the song 'Rani Guri' are written by Prakash Duria & Nabin Sahu where the music in this beautiful song is composed by Bijay Anand Sahu. The song was recorded at MRR Studio, Cuttack.

The 52 seconds song teaser of  Rani Guri was released on Wednesday, 6th October, and had positive reactions from the viewers. Rani Guri is set to be released on October 14th on Mantu Chhuria Official Youtube channel.

Here you can watch Rani Guri Full song below.

Audio mp3 song Credit:

Song: Rani Guri
Singer: Mantu Chhuria & Aseema Panda
Music: Bijay Anand Sahu
Rhythm Design: Rehan Kamal
Lyrics: Prakash Duria & Nabin Sahu
Drums: Anirudh Dhal (Babu Da)
VST Programming: Jaga JD
Rhythm:Pramod Da, Manish Da, Radhe, Balram,Raja,Bablu

Video song Credit:

Starring: Mantu Chhuria & Priyambada Swain
Visual: Bishwajit Samal (Biswajit Films)
Asst.: Tapan,Sachin & Aman ( B Pictures)
Concept: Pintu Chhuria
Choreography: S.Sudarshan Bivar
Directed by: B.NJ (Niroj )
Production Management: Dileswar Bibhar
Dance Groups: Mirra Dance group Koraput, Prativa Dance Academy, Aryan Dance Class

You can watch the full song here.

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