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Sala Budhar Badha - The Revenge of The Old Man is a Sambalpuri movie by the director Sabyasachi Mohapatra. It's the 3rd installment from the movie franchise Sala Budha. The initial release date of the movie was 17th Jan, 2020. Sri Atal Bihari Panda is playing the lead character as sala budha, where Chandana Singh, Jitendriya Hota, Munia Panigrahi are among the other lead characters in the movie. The movie is produced under New Generation Films banner.

Movie: Sala Budhar Badha - The Revenge of The Old Man (ଓଡିଆ : ଶଳା ବୁଢାର୍ ବଦଲା)
Language: Sambalpuri
Director: Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Producer: Kumar C Dev Mohapatra
Story: Kapileswar Mohapatra
Banner: New Generation Films
Release Date: 17 Jan 2020
Lead Role: Atal Bihari Panda,Locani Bag,Chandana Singh,Jitendriya Hota,Munia Panigrahi
Music: Pankaj Jal

After the biggest hit from the other two movies from the franchise Sala Budha and Aadim Vichar. Sabyasachi Mohapatra created this movie on the 3rd and final installment. It's a first-ever Ollywood film trilogy. The running time of the movie is 108 minutes and is a color feature film. The movie portrait village life in the early '60s in Western Odisha. The theme of the movie is based on one marriage, where in a dramatic way the old man also takes revenge.

sala budhar badla
A still from Sala budhar badla.

Sala Budhar Badla Movie Songs

Movie contain hit tracks like Chura pirati,Tor pade ke mor pade,Maa ghare raati. The music in this movie is given by Pankaj Jal and sung by singers Pankal Jal, Pratitee Mishra,Ganan Bag, Sangeeta Raut, and other artists. Lyrics for the songs of the movie are written by Chudamani Chandan.

Sala Budhar Badla won 67th National Film Awards in 2021 for best regional film in Odia.

The movie is available on the online video streaming app Plexigo in 480p, 720p and in 1080p HD where you can watch it online.

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