Nuakhai Photo Frame Edit - Juhar 2023

Nuakhai photo Editing online. Nuakhai Photo Frame Download.


The biggest festival of Western Odisha Nuakhai is here. People are so excited about the festival and everyone is so festive this time. Nuakhai 2023 is on 20th Sept. Nuakhai is important in the life and culture of western Odisha and its people.

Nuakhai Photo Frame Editing

Nuakhai photo frame edit

Nuakhai photo frame for your DP and profile picture. Here you can edit your photo in nuakhai style and get your custom name design. With a few simple clicks, you can create a nuakhai DP of your piicture. Create nuakhai photo frame and share in Facebook and WhatsApp status.

Steps to create Nuakhai Photo DP - Click below on the select image button to choose the image you wanat to add in your frame and your photo will be added in nuakhai DP. Download the image by clicking download button.

More Nuakhai Frames are available in Sambalpuri Design app.

Nuakhai is one of the biggest festivals of Western Odisha. The word 'Nua' means 'new' and 'Khai' is related to 'eating food'. Every year this day is celebrated by eating new food collected in the season, it's a harvest festival to celebrate after collecting rice crops from the field. Nuakhai is celebrated by wearing new dresses, eating new foods, getting blessings from elders by greeting Juhar(Namaskar), and much more. Let's try to find out something more about this festival and how it's important in the life and culture of western Odisha and its people. 

Nuakhai logo and photo frame are popular now a days. Get Sambalpuri nuakhai photo design here. Nuakhai Photo and images download.

Happy Nuakhai. Nuakhai Juhar. Jay Maa Samlei.

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