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Aadim Vichar: The Ancient Justice is a sambalpuri movie released in the year 2014, origin in the country India. Movie Review, Songs, Casts.

Aadim Vichar: The Ancient Justice is a sambalpuri movie released in the year 2014, origin in the country India. The movie is directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra and produced by Sushant Kumar Mohapatra and Chintu Mohapatra. The story of the movie Admin Vichar is written by Kapileswar Prasad Mohapatra. The soundtracks added in the movie are composed by Ghasiram Mishra and Pankaj Jal. Cinematography for the movie is done by Kumar C.Dev Mohapatra and movie editing is done by Rajendra Kumar Mohapatra. The movie is produced under the production company Mohapatra Movie Magic Pvt. Ltd. and distributed by Reliance Media Works. The budget for the movie was ₹5000000. This movie is a sequel to the 2012 movie "Sala Budha"

Aadim Vichar full movie

Admin Vichar Movie Synopsis

Aadim Vichar is a tale of ancient tradition and human values that stand above all.

This is a story of tribes settled in the plains of Odisha, India. They are KANDHAS, simple and hard-working tribes. Their life is a melody full of songs and dance, they lead a community life and believe in peaceful existence.

But, when their settlement moves into the plain lands they come in contact with other people Among them exist hall educated, selfish touts, who for their selfish motives shatter the peaceful tribe.

Here the protagonist of this story written by Sahitya Academy Winner Kapileshwar P. Mohapatra is Sukru Majhi, 84 years old Tribal man, who is always with a positive thought towards life. His 3 married sons with two grandchildren led a very happy life. There enters a village vaid (Ayurvedic Practitioner), a tout. More than a vaid he has an evil eye on the land of tribal, who maintain a fertile soil with their hard labor. For his benefit, he drags the tribal into litigations and pushes them to court, in return snatching their land from them.

His precious catch is Sukru's eldest son, who files a case against his father for his property. Sukru living a life of respect and love is dragged to the court at 84.

A strange thing happens in court. The suggested judgment by Sukru surprises the judge. And the case gets solved in minutes. The judge's final verdict makes Sukru a victor of Justice. And that was the Ancient justice system, full of human values.

The society will coexist in peace, till the Ancient Justice prevails in our society.

Aadim Vichar Cast

  • Atal Bihari Panda as Sukru Majhi
  • Tapaswini Guru
  • Puroshottam Mishra
  • Lochani Bag as Sukru Majhi's Daughter in Law
  • Sushree Smita Panda
  • Shankar Behera
  • Munia Panigrahi
  • Pradumnya Sahoo
  • Sangeeta Rout
Aadim Vichar Movie
A scene from Aadim Vichar.

Aadim Vichar Songs

For the Aadim Vichar movie songs, music is composed by Ghasiram Mishra and Pankaj Jal. The film has 5 songs in it.
  • Kandh Pila
    Artists: Sarbeswar Bhoi, Smita, Sudam, Pankaj Jaal, Laxmi Bag
    Lyrics: Sarbeswar Bhoi
  • Lal Jhara Jhara
    Artists: Smita Panda, Sarbeswar Bhoi
    Lyrics: Sarbeswar Bhoi
  • Likri Jhikri
    Artist: Sarbeswar Bhoi, Smita Panda
    Lyrics: Sarbeswar Bhoi
  • Mali Jagei Thila
    Artist: Pankaj Jaal
    Lyrics: Chudamani
  • Nua Bandha
    Artists: Smita Panda, Manasi Panigrahi
    Lyrics: Netrananda Barik

Aadim Vichar Review

A mindblowing emotional movie. Sabyasachi Mohapatra has proved that excellent movies can be made without adding any Masala on it. Simple yet every scene has the tendency to make you live in it. Great sceencast,Beautiful cinematography. A must watch movie. 

Here are some google users' reviews for the Sambalpuri movie Adim Vichar.

-This movie is a proof that good movies are still being made in Odisha and it still takes pride in its aboriginal cultures and traditions. It's a highly recommended movie for every cinema lover.

-This film is one of the best film from Odia film industry and for forever, as this movie is based on the real-life of the Kandha people, which will help future generations to know about their culture and lifestyle.

- One of the best original movie of Odia filmy industry. Shows how the people of ancient are simple and humble and kind. But unfortunately, this type of God movie couldn't release in theatre. So sad.

-this movie shows the full love of our joint family and the benefits of that. I like all songs of this film. I will say to the director that, please make another film like this.

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