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Sala Budha Sambalpuri Movie

Sala Budha is a critically acclaimed Sambalpuri language movie that was released in the year 2012. Directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra, the film is a poignant portrayal of the lives of simple people before independence.

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Sala budha movie

Sala Budha Movie Plot

The film centers around a small and impoverished village in Odisha, India. Bhagatram Gauntia, affectionately known as Sala Budha (The Simple-minded Old Man) by the villagers, is the honest and kind-hearted leader of the community who takes good care of his people. When a drought strikes the village, the residents are unable to pay their taxes for five years, and despite his position as village head, Sala Budha cannot bring himself to force his people to pay due to his compassionate nature. As a result, he is unable to pay the taxes to the king and is at risk of losing his land and leadership. Despite the dire circumstances, Sala Budha maintains his unwavering faith in God and does everything in his power to help his people survive the drought and stay united. However, some villagers who are against his leadership conspire against him and bring the matter to the attention of the king. The king decides to visit the village and strip Sala Budha of his land and leadership. During the king's visit, he discovers the truth about Sala Budha and praises him for his good deeds.

Sala Budha Movie Songs

  • Dal Khai Re - Sudam Majhi
  • Rama Je Lakhan - Dilip Bag
  • Mate Maeen Boli - Dilip Bag
  • Sala Budha - Satrughan Luha

Sala Budha Movie Review

Sala Budha full movie download

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"SALA BUDHA the best sambalpuri film touched my heart so deeply. I see it in my smartphone again & again. Many many juhar to the director Sabyasachi Mohaptra,  actor Atal Panda. I have no language to praise the 82 years old hero Atal Panda. He is a real hero. His natural action, dialogues are very very spontaneous. All other actors, actresses showed their marvelous acting. The film totally brought forward the art and culture of Sambalpur as well as our state the great Odisha."

"I have never seen such a beautiful film which touched my heart deeply. Many many thanks with heavy respect to veteran filmmaker Sabyasachi Mohapatra, actor Atal Sir and other co-artistes."

"Just give it a try. I bet you won't regret after watching this. A visual feast for your eyes"

Sala Budha Movie Download or Watch Online

Sala Budha is a copyrighted movie and is not available to download from mp4moviez or filmyzilla. It is also not available on youtube now. If you are looking for Sala Budha full movie download in 480p or 720p, it is available to watch online in HD on Kanccha Lannka or Airtel Xstream app.

This Movie is from the trilogy series Sala Budha, Adim Vichar and Sala Budhar Badla.


One of the unique aspects of Sala Budha is the use of the Sambalpuri language, which is a regional language spoken in Western Odisha. The film showcases the culture and traditions of this region, including music, dance, and folklore. The cinematography is also noteworthy, as it captures the beauty of the landscape and the simplicity of rural life.

This is worth watching the movie. Our recommendation is to watch it for quality entertainment.

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