Top 10 Odia Movies of All time , That you won't regret watching

Get through the top 10 odia movies of all time hits from Ollywood including Daman, Suna Panjuri and more.

Top 10 best Odia movies to watch

Odia cinema, also known as Ollywood, has come a long way since its inception in the 1930s. Over the years, Odia films have created a distinct identity of their own, with their unique storytelling and presentation styles. Odia cinema has given us some unforgettable movies that are not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Odia movies of all time that you won't regret watching. The below list of the top 10 Odia movies of all time will help you explore the best of Odia cinema and appreciate the unique storytelling style of the industry. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these Odia movies that are worth watching.

Here goes our list of the top 10 Odia movies of all time.

1. Daman (2022)

Daman odia movie

Daman is a game-changer in the Ollywood industry. While people were not much expecting from Odia cinema in the last decade, this movie brings back the audience to theaters. The movie portrays true incidents from a young doctor in Odisha, who undertook the daunting task of eradicating Malaria from more than 151 remote villages in Odisha. Despite the challenges posed by superstition and the lack of basic amenities, which had caused numerous fatalities among the tribal population over the years, he resolved to tackle the issue single-handedly. Best performances by Babusan Mohanty in the lead role and one of the best Odia movies in recent times. This is definitely worth watching.

2. Suna Panjuri (1995)

Suna Panjuri odia movie

The only daughter of a rich father falls in love with a common man and leaves home. They get married and have a daughter. The dramatic stories of the characters are heartwarming. Suna Panjuri will always come to the list of top 10 Odia movies as the film has evergreen soundtracks, a beautifully narrated story, and cinematography. Movie is Directed by Rabi Kinagi. Siddhanta Mahapatra, Indira Krishnan, Bijay Mohanty, and Debu Bose are in the lead role.

3. To Akhi Mo Aaina (1999)

To akhi mo aaina odia movie

"To Akhi Mo Aaina" is a 1999 Odia-language romantic drama film directed by Sangam Biswal. The film stars Siddhanta Mahapatra, Jyoti Mishra, and Bijay Mohanty in the lead roles. The film deals with themes of classism, family values, and the struggles of young love in the face of societal pressures. The beautiful cinematography and soulful music add to the overall appeal of the movie, making it a memorable watch for Odia cinema lovers.

4. Swapna Sagara (1983)

Swapna Sagar Odia movie

In her previous life, Samuka, a village girl, was in love with a navy officer. However, their love story was cut short and they were unable to be together. In their current lives, they are both reincarnated and must navigate various obstacles as they attempt to reunite and rekindle their love.

"Swapna Sagara" is an Odia-language film from 1983 that marked a significant milestone in the region's cinema. The movie was produced, directed, and written by Prashant Nanda, with Akshaya Mohanty composing the music. The film boasted an impressive cast that included Dukhiram Swain, Prashant Nanda, Sriram Panda, Mahasweta Ray, and Anita Das. What made "Swapna Sagara" truly noteworthy, however, was that it was the first-ever film in the Odia cinema to be shot and screened in 70mm format. This was a major achievement for the industry, and it helped to establish a new standard for the visual quality of Odia films.

5. Sesha Srabana (1976)

sesha Srabana odia movie

When Sania, a fisherman, rescues a girl named Manika, she develops feelings for him over time. However, Sania rejects her advances as she hails from a higher caste than him. Sania tries to find a suitable match for Manika but fails, and she disappears. The movie was remade in Hindi as "Naiyya" in 1979, which proved to be a commercial success at the box office and received critical acclaim.

6. Santana (1998)

Santana odia movie

A young man is blinded by his stepmother's affection and remains ignorant of her sinister motives. His wife, however, realizes the truth and sets out to reveal her mother-in-law's true nature to protect her husband.

The movie is filled with mesmerizing music like "Faguna re Faguna", "Kahuchi Mo Matha Sindura", "Dibi Dibi" and "Matha re Dei Pata Odhani". This dramatic movie is worth watching.

7. Dhauli Express (2007)

Dhauli express odia movie

The film is a poignant tale that imparts valuable life lessons about morality and karma, making it a must-watch for everyone. It is regarded as one of the best films in the Odia film industry. The film's screenplay, acting, and direction are exceptional, and the lyrics of the songs (written by Chittaranjan Tripathy) are particularly outstanding.

8. Je Panche Para Manda (2003)

Je panche para manda odia movie

Directed by Himanshu Parija. Chintu, a promiscuous character, embarks on a journey of taking on family responsibilities, encountering numerous obstacles along the way. The village life scenes are heart-touching and songs like "Ama Gaan ku thare jie asichi" are commendable. If you want to explore the Odia cinema, you can surely go for it.

9. Swayamsidda (2010)

Swayamsiddha odia movie

Raj, a journalist, is kidnapped by Maoists who demand the release of one of their team members in police custody. However, complications arise when the state's support for the Maoist insurgency in Odisha becomes evident. The movie won various awards including the National Award for Best Actor in Negative Performance(Sidhant Mahapatra), Odisha State Film Award for Best Film.

You will have a different taste of Odia Cinema from this movie.

10. Bou (2000)

bou odia movie

The family drama movie portrays the story of an old couple who were living happily with their children until the Father becomes handicapped after an accident. Their sons, Deepak and Amar, desert them and live separately. Durga (mother) tries to find a job to support her family and excels in dress design with the help of a friend. Deepak and Amar face financial trouble and seek help from their parents, but Durga refuses. Eventually, Umakant convinces Durga to forgive their children and the family reunites.

This movie is filled with emotion and has many heart-touching scenes.  It was directed, produced, and written by Sabyasachi Mohapatra.

Well, that's our top 10 Odia movies list that you won't regret watching. Whether you are a fan of drama, romance, or social commentary, these films have something for everyone. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the magic of Odia cinema.

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