Sambalpuri name editing in Mathematical Saree Style

Beautiful classroom name editing. blackboard name writing edit.

Vidya Balan’s Sambalpuri ‘Mathematical Equation’ Saree 

Vidya Balan wore a Sambalpuri Math Saree for promoting her movie "Shakuntala Devi" in 2020. The saree was designed in black with Mathematical Equations Were Printed over it. The Saree was designed by Weaver Bhagabat Meher and later it was auctioned.

Sambalpuri Mathematical Name Edit

Write your name on the sambalpuri mathematical background with blackboard style image and get an awesome name art picture in a second. We have a perfect edit tool where you can easily edit your name on Vidya Balan’s Sambalpuri ‘Mathematical Equation’ Saree style image to get your image instantly. blackboard style sambalpuri theme Name art is getting popular and many people on social media keep stylish name art profile pictures on WhatsApp status. The Sambalpuri Saree name art includes math formulas and with your name edited for your profile picture. Profile picture edits my name art DP.

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Sample Images

These sample images are created from the above tool. Name editing sample iamges for name Sobha and Jitu.
Sobha name edit art

Jitu name art

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