Odisha Govt Calendar 2024 PDF - Office Holidays, Festivals

odisha govt calendar 2024 pdf download and online.

Odisha Govt Calendar 2024

In anticipation of the upcoming year, the Odisha government has released the highly awaited Odisha government calendar for 2024, detailing the holidays and festivals throughout the year. Residents can easily access the comprehensive calendar, which includes specific information for all the months from January to December. This detailed calendar serves as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses alike, offering insights into government holiday schedules and cultural festivities. Those looking to plan their activities and events in alignment with official timelines can conveniently obtain the Odisha government calendar 2024 in PDF format, ensuring easy accessibility and reference.

Download and see the Odisha government calendar 2024 with the holiday list. We all know every Sunday and 2nd and 4th Saturday government offices are closed. Along with that, there are several holidays declared by the Odisha government in 2024. Check this Odisha govt calendar 2024.

Odisha Govt Calendar 2024 pdf

Odisha government calendar 2024 from January to December download.

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Where is it applicable?

The Odisha Govt calendar for 2024 is applicable for all offices in Odisha state and holidays are as per the calendar 2024. Odisha regional offices this calendar is followed.

Previous Year Calendars

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