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Sambalpuri Din celebration on August 1st on the birthday of Satyanarayan Bohidar. Sambalpuri din wishes and frame.

Sambalpuri Din on 1st August - Wishes Photos

Every year Sambalpuri Din (Sambalpuri day) is celebrated on the 1st of August. Let's know the rich culture and past behind the auspicious day.

Sambalpuri Din is celebrated on the birthday of Satyanarayan Bohidar who is known as the pioneer of the Sambalpuri language and grammar. On August 1, 1913, he was born in Sonepur. In 2013 on his 100th birth anniversary, Paschimanchal Ekta Manch decided to celebrate this day as Sambalpuri Din, and from that year each year on August 1st, we celebrate Sambalpuri Din.

Satyanarayan Bohidar was born in Sonepur distirct. But raised and studied in Sambalpur. He joined Sambalpur Zilla School as a student and later he starts teaching in the same school. He also joined as a teacher in a school in Bargarh. When he was a student in 10th class, his first literature book was published. He inspired and encourage other people to write in the Sambalpuri language. It is believed that he established the foundation of Sambalpuri literature. He played a vital role in spreading Sambalpuri culture.

He wrote the dictionary and grammar book 'Koshli Bhasakosh' for Sambalpuri language. Adding to his works, he also wrote many other books in sambalpuri like Tik Chahnra, Ghavghavo, and Ghuvkudu. One can easily see the love and patriotism in all his works towards the sambalpuri language.

Sambalpuri Din 1 august

On this special day, people celebrate Sambalpuri din by dressing in sambalpuri style, eating sambalpuri food, and everything else that represents the rich culture. Various events, functions, and stage programs are also organized on this day. Sambalpuri dances and songs are performed on the occasion.

On this day, on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, thousands of pictures are uploaded with the hashtag #SambalpuriDin. Sambalpuri Din is celebrated in all districts of western Odisha but people who are from the western part of Odisha and stay outside also celebrate this day.

Sambalpuri Din is a very special day for the people of western Odisha. One who is associated with the rich art and culture of Western Odisha can truly understand the uniqueness of the day. This day is celebrated to feel proud of being a part of the rich art and culture of Sambalpuri.

Sambalpuri Din Wishes photos

If you are searching for Sambalpuri din photo messages have come to the right place. Here you can get happy sambalpuri din wishes for status messages. Sambalpuri Din is very popular in Odisha and is celebrated on 1st August. Get Sambalpuri Day photo in Odia for WhatsApp and Facebook status to share.

"ସମ୍ବଲପୁରୀ ଦିନ୍ ର ଗୁର୍ଦୁଟେ ଅଭିନନ୍ଦନ ଆରୁ ଶୁଭେଚ୍ଛା" Happy Sambalpuri Din.

Here are a few wishes and greetings that you can share with your loved ones for the special day.

Sambalpuri din wish

Sambalpuri Din frame png
Sambalpuri Din Frame Png.

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