Dhanu Yatra Bargarh 2024: Date, Events, Major Attractions

Get the latest update on Dhanu Yatra 2024, Bargarh. Find Date and Events details.

Dhanu Yatra Festival

The largest open-air theatre festival "Dhanu Yatra" or "Dhanu Jatra" is celebrated in the town of Bargarh in the state of Odisha, India. It is one of the most significant and unique folk festivals in the country. The festival revolves around the mythological story of Lord Krishna and his demon uncle King Kansa.

Dhanu Yatra Bargarh

The Dhanu Yatra typically takes place for around 11 days, transforming the entire town of Bargarh into a colossal stage. The festival reenacts the events from the life of Lord Krishna, focusing on the episode where Krishna visits his maternal uncle King Kansa's court. The central theme of the festival is the divine play (leela) of Lord Krishna, and the town is turned into the city of Mathura for the duration of the event. Dhanu Yatra ends with the pretend death of King Kansa, showing that good has triumphed over evil. The festival is not just a big cultural celebration; it's also very important for the people in Bargarh and nearby areas because of its religious meaning.

History of Dhanu Yatra in Bargarh

The 'Dhanu Yatra,' celebrating the win of good over evil, started in Bargarh in 1947-48 as a way to honor India's Independence. It has happened every year since then. In 2022, Dhanu Yatra was celebrated for the 75th time in the town of Bargarh.

Dhanu yatra bargarh

During this time, Bargarh undergoes a remarkable transformation, taking on the appearance of Mathura. The river Jeera is symbolically transformed into the Yamuna, and Ambapali, located on the opposite side of Jeera, becomes Gopapura. Over eleven days, the entire town of Bargarh turns into an extensive stage, where the narrative of Kansa, his demise, and the virtuous deeds of Sri Krishna unfolds across 14 key locations in Mathura and 4 primary sites in Gopapura.

Dhanu Yatra Bargarh 2024 Date and Events

Dhanu Yatra 2024 will be celebrated from January 15th to 25th in Bargarh. Here is the official events schedule.
Dhanu jatra event schedule 2024

Dhanu jatra date 2024

Dhanu Yatra Bargarh Official Contact Details

Official Website: Bargarh Dhanuyatra
Email Address:  bargarhdhanuyatramahotsava@gmail.com
Phone:  06646-232340

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