Top 10 Sambalpuri Youtube Channel List 2022

Top 10 Popular youtube channels in 2022.

Youtube is the top video-sharing website and application, and almost every device has youtube installed on it. Users upload their own videos and other users watch them. People are also earning huge amounts of money from Youtube, but this is not only about money, it's also about getting famous and being on-trend, getting love from subscribers. Youtube was created in 2005 and owned by Google. Now when most people have smartphones and access to the internet in India, Many people are trying to make their career as YouTubers. Today in this topic, let's discuss the top-10 Sambalpuri youtube channels.

Sambalpuri Youtube Channels

Top 10 Sambalpuri Youtube Channels

*Subscribers and Views as per 06th Mar 2022.


RKMedia is one of the best Sambalpuri channels where the main contents are songs and sometimes they also upload Comedy videos. Some of the most Popular Videos of RKMedia are DHOL NISHAN MUHURI FULL VIDEO (Prakash Jal),KESARI LO Bol Bam Version (Prakash Jal),KATKIEN BAHU KE SAMBALPURIA DIAR (JOGESH JOJO's COMEDY DUKAN ),Sanam Re Sambalpuri HD Video (Umakant Barik & Dusmant Suna),Hi Re Mita (Prakash Jal).

Channel Contents: Songs,Comedy
Subscribers: 1.47M
Views: 571M
Joined on :  Feb 27, 2011

Channel Link: RKMedia

Description: RKMedia is now the first channel in Western Odisha to Cross 1Million Subscribers on YouTube and It is a genuine YouTube channel and the Most Popular Entertainment Channel of Odisha. Which has about 1000000 subscribers. It also produces many Sambalpuri Comedy Film, Music Video Songs and it is also a Media partner of other production. 

RKMedia is really indebted to all its subscribers for their continuous support. Your love and attachment is priceless which gives us more than 1 Million subscribers. RKMedia is also trying its best to entertain you for a long.


Official Youtube Channel of Sambalpuri Comedy Superstar Jogesh Jojo. Some of the most popular Videos of JOJO J5 PRODUCTION are NUA BANDHAR PANI (JOGESH JOJO, MR. DOLU & PRIYANKA),Ashiq Banigala Bhai(Jogesh Jojo),MARKET KHAELA,BES BES HELA J (JRM ft JOGESH JOJO).

Channel Contents: Comedy,Songs
Subscribers: 1.53M
Views: 400M
Joined on:  Jan 23, 2016


Description: Western Odisha No 1 Sambalpuri comedy Channel with ONE MILLION PLUS SUBSCRIBERS.

Umakant Gumsum Official

Official Youtube Channel of Sambalpuri Suberhit Singer Umakant Barik. Some of the most popular Videos of Umakant Gumsum Official are Mahua Pani Return,PYAR,Ae Dil Ae Dil,Bela Re Bela Return,PARO RE PARO Return.

Channel Contents: Songs
Subscribers: 207K
Views: 28M
Joined on:  Sep 8, 2018

Channel Link : Umakanta Gumsum Official

Description: LB Production Studios. This is an Official Youtube Channel of LB Production Studios, and is running with the channel name "Umakanta Gumsum Official". Here someone can find the official releases of Umakanta Barik Music & Films.


Official Youtube Channel of Sambalpuri talented Singer Mantu Chhuria. Some of the most popular Videos of Mantu Chhuria Official are Rasia, Raniguri, Sambalpuria Mahua,Sambalpuria Babu.

Channel Contents: Songs
Subscribers: 1.53M
Views: 402M
Joined on: Jan 27, 2014


Description: NA.

Ruku Suna Official

Sambalpuri Rock Star Singer Ruku Suna's official Youtube channel. Some of the most popular Videos of Ruku Suna Official are Karmi Setting,Chap Karati,TIKTOK BALI,Dangar Tale Rasarkeli.

Channel Contents: Songs
Subscribers: Hidden
Views: 89M
Joined on:  May 30, 2015

Channel Link : Ruku Suna Official


Everything For U

Everything For U is one of the most popular Youtube channels in Western Odisha. Most videos on this channel are Sambalpuri songs which are too good and played on most of the DJs. Some of the most popular Videos of Everything For U are Jigar Bala, Selfie Bebo, RIMJHIM PA, A Gupala, Udajahaj.

Channel Contents: Songs
Subscribers: Hidden
Views: 553M
Joined on:  Oct 30, 2016

Channel Link : Everything For U

Description: We will work for your entertainment...We Create you Enjoy ...


AKHADU SAMBALPURI is a unique Youtube Channel managed by a single person. Contents of this channel are mostly based on Online Offer, Govt Scheme, and Job-related videos in Sambalpuri language.

Channel Contents: Offers,Govt Scheme
Subscribers: 162K
Views: 13M
Joined on:  Nov 28, 2017


Description: ଇଟା ଗୁଟେ ସମ୍ବଲପୁରୀ video ର channel ଆଏ ନୂଆ ସମ୍ବଲପୁରୀ video ପାଇବାର ଲାଗି ଏହି channel କୁ subcribe କରନ୍ତୁ . It's a Tech and fun channel.

Roshan's film studio

Another unique Sambalpuri Channel based on Comedy and fun daily life. Initially, they were making selfie video calls comedy videos which were unique and went viral. Channel actors Roshan Bharadwaj and Munia Panigrahi, both are very talented and make funny videos which people like the most.

Channel Contents: Comedy
Subscribers: 316K
Views: 71M
Joined on:  Feb 22, 2016

Channel Link: Roshan's film studio

Description: its a koshli short comedy video channel, watch and enjoy.


Sambalpuri Music Channel with the best songs from most popular sambalpuri singers like Nil Sagar and Umakant Barik. Some of the most popular songs on this channel are DARLING,GELEHI,Hole Hole,Sawan Barsha Pani,Prem Baura.

Channel Contents: Songs
Subscribers: Hidden
Views: 269M
Joined on:  Jan 22, 2018



AN Music

AN Music is the official channel of Abed Nag. Earlier it was a very popular Cassette production. Most of the old hit songs are from AN Music production. AN Music Best Youtube channel for old sambalpuri songs videos.

Channel Contents: Songs
Subscribers: 131K
Views: 61M
Joined on:  Oct 26, 2017

Channel Link: AN Music

Description: Sambalpuri videos and music production company.

Apart from all these channels, there are also very good Sambalpuri channels are there which also have good content. If we miss anything, or if you want to check other channels please do comment in the comment box. Nowadays, Sambalpuri Vlogs are also getting popular but we skipped those for another post.

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