Puspuni Festival - Chher Chhera in Western Odisha

The Puspuni festival also known as Pushpuni or Pausa Purnima. This is also known as Chher Chhera Festival.

Puspuni is celebrated all over western Odisha on the full moon day of Pausa Masa. This annual festival is observed in all urban, rural, and tribal regions of western Odisha. It is also celebrated in some parts of Chhattisgarh. This festival has a great significance to the farmers and farming community, as it is celebrated after collecting the annual harvest of paddy from the field. People enjoy this day by giving away some paddy, food, or money called Chher Chhera, making special dishes for the day, dancing, and singing. Let's find more about this festival how it's attached to the life of western Odisha's people.

Puspuni Chher chhera Festival

Also known as

The Puspuni festival is also known as Pushpuni or Pausa Purnima. This is also known as Chher Chhera Festival.

When is it celebrated?

Each year Puspuni is celebrated on the full moon day of the month Pausa. Puspuni 2024 in Odia Calendar is on 24th January.

Chher Chhera

On this day, People give away some paddy, food, and money to the group of boys and girls and old persons who come to collect it from the families in the village. They raise funds for the feasts. While collecting it they entertain people with various Chher Chhera songs, dance and music.

puspuni chherchera

Celebration of Puspuni festival

Beginning of the day, the early morning starts with giving Chher Chhera. It is very eyecatching watching various groups collecting paddy from each family. Very interesting and entertaining scenes are enacted in the streets. Several songs, dance, and music are performed on this day.

puspuni chherchhera

People make various sweet and delicious food like Til ladoo, Pitha, Manda on this day. Non-veg items are made for lunch and dinner.

This festival means of great significance to the farmers. While Nuakhai is observed when the Kharif paddy crop starts flowering, Puspuni is celebrated after the harvest of the paddy. On this day, the landowner farmers end the contract with their workers and laborers and settle the payments for the year. A new contract for the fresh year also made on this day. The landlords also gift some clothes to their workers.

Finally, to sum it up, Puspuni is a great joyful occasion in Western Odisha. One cannot imagine the delightful contribution of this glorious festival. It is certainly one of the greatest festivals in Western Odisha.

Puspuni Wishes and Greetings

Happy Puspuni. Chher Chher Chhera.

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Here are some wishes and greetings you can share with your loved ones for Puspuni.

puspuni chherchhera festival
Puspuni Festival

ଏ ପିଲେ ଛେର ଛେରା, ଇ ଘରର ବୁଢ଼ୀ କାହିଁ ଗଲା....ସମକୁ ପୁସପୁନି ର ଗୁର୍ଦୁଟେ ଶୁଭେଚ୍ଛା, ପୁସପୁନି ଜୁହାର। 

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