30 Must-Listen Sambalpuri Bhajan Songs to Start Your Day

Best Sambalpuri Bhajan songs collection of all time in audio, video and mp3 format from various popular singers of Western Odisha.

Sambalpuri Bhajans are a popular form of devotional music in the western region of Odisha, India. These songs are composed in the Sambalpuri language and are often used as a medium of prayer and worship for Lord Krishna and Maa Samalei, Lord Jagannath, and other gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion. Sambalpuri Bhajans are characterized by their melodious tunes, meaningful lyrics, and soulful renditions, making them an essential part of the cultural heritage of Odisha.

Sambalpuri bhajan

If you're looking for some uplifting and inspiring music to start your day, then here are 30 must-listen Sambalpuri Bhajan songs listed below. In recent times, the popularity of Sambalpuri Bhajan has grown significantly. With the advent of technology, it has become easier to access Sambalpuri Bhajan mp3, audio, and video files online. This has helped to preserve the music and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Sambalpuri Bhajan Video

  1. "Aaenkh duhi ta chaka chaka" - This bhajan is one of the popular sambalpuri bhajan dedicated to Lord Jagannath.
  2. "Kala Kanhu Ho" - Krushna Bhajan sambalpuri song.
  3. "Chakadola Chikan Kala" - Jagannath Bhajan song in Sambalpuri.
  4. "Jai Ganesha Deva" - Ganpati bhajan Song by Umakant Barik.
  5. "Maa go mor Maa Samalei" - Maa Samalei Bhajan.
  6. Hai krushna Hai Krushna Boli - Krushna guru bhajan song by Jitendra Haripal.
  7. Mahani lagiche - Maa Samalei song.
  8. Kala Kanhu Baesi Dhari - Sambalpuri Krushna Bhajan.
  9. Hey Madhaba Hari - One of the most popular Song Krishna bhajan song.
  10. Hare Krushna Hare Rama - Kirtan bhajan song.

Sambalpuri Bhajan Audio Mp3

The Sambalpuri Bhajan audio mp3 format allows for easy access and distribution of this music to a wider audience, both within and outside of Odisha. Many Sambalpuri Bhajan audio mp3 recordings feature renowned singers and musicians who add their own unique style and interpretation to the songs. Listening to Sambalpuri Bhajan audio mp3 can be a deeply enriching and meditative experience, as it allows one to connect with the divine through music.

Sambalpuri bhajan audio video mp3

List of Sambalpuri Bhajan in audio Mp3 format :-
  1. Samlei Maa go
  2. Eastadevi Maa Samalei
  3. Maha Maha Dahana
  4. Maa go mor ista devi Maa
  5. Jhuli Jhuli Asuche maa Samalei
  6. Jhuli Jhuli Asuche re Kala Mohana
  7. Tate Daki Daki mui thaki Gali song by Santanu Sahu
  8. Nai Jae Jamuna
  9. Kala Kanhu Baesi Dhari
  10. Phul Nadia Dhari - Dusmanta Suna

Sambalpuri Bhajan Kirtan Songs

Sambalpuri Bhajan Kirtan songs are a form of devotional music that is popular in the western state of Odisha, India. These songs are typically sung in groups during religious gatherings and are characterized by their upbeat rhythms and repetitive choruses. The lyrics of Sambalpuri Bhajan Kirtan songs often praise the Hindu deities and seek their blessings, with a focus on devotion and surrender to the divine. The music is accompanied by traditional instruments such as the dhol, mridangam, and harmonium, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. Sambalpuri Bhajan Kirtan songs are an important aspect of the culture and spirituality of Odisha and are enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

List of Sambalpuri Bhajan Kirtan Songs : - 
  1. Hare Krushna Hare Krushna
  2. Kala Kanhu Baesi Dhari
  3. Chal go Radha Dhere Dhere
  4. Hae Krushna Hae Krushna
  5. Jamuna Jibaku Mate Hoichi Mana
  6. Nai Jae Jamuna
  7. Jhuli Jhuli Asuche re kala Mohan
  8. Hae go jashoda Rani
  9. Ae Mor Kala Kanhai
  10. Ankh Duita Chaka Chaka
In conclusion, Sambalpuri Bhajan is a unique form of devotional music that combines traditional and modern musical elements. It is a rich expression of devotion and is an integral part of the religious and cultural heritage of Odisha.

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